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 Shugo Chara Report

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PostSubject: Shugo Chara Report   Fri Oct 28, 2011 4:40 am


Every Child has an egg in their heart, unseen at first, an egg with their dream. Hinamori Amu part of a group called the guardians, protect those eggs from becoming x-eggs, making sure everyone can hold on to there dreams. Amu, is the Joker Chair. The different chairs are King's chair, Queen's chair, Ace's Chair, Jack's Chair and the Joker's Chair. Amu's job is to capture and restore x-egg to there original form. She does this with the help of her three shugo chara (guardian characters or her would be selves), Ran, Miki and Su. She is the only guardian that can character change. Which is your typical magical girl transformation.


Amu Hinamori
Birthday: 9/24
Blood type: O
Sign: Libra
Shugo Chara: Ran, Miki, Su, Dia
Seiyuu: Kanae Itō

Amu is a girl with different characters. She has her outside character or her "cool and spicy" character that she shows to everyone, and her real character, the one she truly wants to be. She has four Shugo Charas, Ran, Miki, Su, and Dia. She is one of the guardians at school she is the Joker. She has different love interests but the main one is her relationship with Ikuto. She can character transform, and she was the first one of the guardians to be able to do it. She has problems just like everyone else, but she tries really hard to overcome them and become her would be self.

Shugo Chara of: Amu
Special Skill: Cheering
Bad At: Being Quiet
Seiyuu: Kana Asumi

Ran is Amu's Shugo Chara. She was the first one to hatch. She is happy and energetic. She loves to cheer people on to try their best. She is also very good at sports. She helps Amu express herself when she wouldn't do it, because she wants Amu to be her would be self just like all of Amu's Shugo Charas do. When Amu does character transformation (chara-nari in Japanese) which is called Amulet Heart.

Shugo Chara of: Amu
Special Skill: Art
Doesn't Like: Being Controlled
Seiyuu: Nanae Katou

Miki is another one of Amu's Shugo Charas. She was the second one to hatch. Miki is cool and calm. She loves drawing and anything to do with art. Just like Amu she likes a lot of people, such as the Shugo Charas of Ikuto, Kukai, and Tadase. Amu's transformation with Miki is called Amulet Spade.

Shugo Chara of: Amu
Special Skill: All Housework
Doesn't Like: Caterpillars
Seiyuu: Aki Toyosaki

Su is the third of Amu's Shugo Charas to hatch. She loves to cook and clean. She is good at fixing things. Su is kind and polite. Amu's transformation with Su is called Amulet Clover.

Shugo Chara of: Amu
Special Skill:
Doesn't Like:

Dia is her unofficial name, she never get a chance to introduce herself to Amu, so Amu calls her Dia, short for Diamond. While Dia is still unborn, sitting in her egg, she because an x-egg. So when she is born she is born as an x-character, Utau takes Dia and does a few character transformations with her. Dia likes Utau more because she says that Utau's heart is shining, unlike Amu's. In the end she goes back to Amu because she notices Amu's heart shining. Dia is a music lover as well as a lover for glittery and shiny things.

Ami Hinamori
Amu's little sister.
Seiyuu: Kurumi Mamiya

Ami is innocent and pure-hearted so she can see Guardian Characters despite the fact that she doesn't have one. Unlike Amu, Ami's mother dresses her in "Sweet Lolita" clothing. She is a fan of Utau Hoshina, and is seen most of the time trying to sing Utau's songs. Though sometimes a handful, she looks up to her sister very much.
Sometimes, when Amu went to hang out, Ami plays 'Investigation Game' with Ran, Miki, and Suu.

Tadase Hotori
Birthday: 3/39
Bloodtype: B
Sign: Aries
Shugo Chara: Kiseki
Seiyuu: Reiko Takagi

He is the King's Chair of the guardians. When he was younger his desire was to rule the world, and from this desire his Shugo Chara, Kiseki, was born. Tadase is kind and understanding. He likes Amu's character transformation Amulet Heart, which means he is going to end up liking Amu, just like the rest of the world. He isn't able to character transform yet.

Shugo Chara of: Tadase
Special Skill: Giving Orders
Doesn't Like: To Obey
Seiyuu: Kaya Miyake

Nadeshiko/Nagihiko Fujisaki
Birthday: 7/4
Bloodtype: AB
Sign: Cancer
Shugo Chara: Temari
Seiyuu: Saeko Chiba Nadeshiko is actually a boy named Nagihiko. His family are dancers, and you have to be a girl to dance, so the boys have to pretend to be girls. So far no one knows he is a boy. He had to leave for a year to practice dancing, but he will be back. He is very understanding, and can help in hard situations, and Amu thinking he is a girl, Nagihiko her best friend. His Shugo Chara is Temari, who he can't character transform with yet. Also he may never be able to transform with, it is said that Temari disappears. Also when he comes back, it now has to be the Jack, and can no longer be Queen, since everyone know he's a guy.

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PostSubject: Re: Shugo Chara Report   Sun Oct 30, 2011 12:12 am

Thank you.
fun report

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PostSubject: Re: Shugo Chara Report   Thu Nov 03, 2011 4:59 am

Cool Report!

Thanks! I like shugo chara 2 much

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PostSubject: Re: Shugo Chara Report   

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Shugo Chara Report
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